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Electronics Bundle Review: HP Digital Camera + Photo Printer

Digital Camera Sale If you are like me, you just moved out into a new apartment or house. Furnishing your new place can get expensive, so of course you are looking for the best deals. Electronics can add up to be quite expensive, and many of us are on a limited budget. Therefore, something has to be done to bring the price within your price range. I have explored many options to acquire electronics without spending a fortune. I've tried buying used, buying low-grade, and waiting in huge lines for sale items. These methods are very risky though. Used electronics can prove to be defective in a short time. Low grade electronics can fail prematurely, and waiting in those huge lines many times results in going home empty handed when the store runs out of the product.

Recently, I have explored a new way to save money on electronics that sometimes proved to be out of my price range. You are probably wondering what this method is by now. What would you say if I told you that a great deal of money can be saved when buying electronics in bundles? Let me guess. You would say "Buying electronics in bundles is just a way to get more dollars flying out of your wallet when it looks like you are getting a lot of items for your money."

Well, recently I was in the market for a digital camera, and, like usual, I was looking for the best deal I could get. I found a HP M425 digital camera bundled with a HP photosmart A616 photo printer to print the pictures captured by the camera. Then, I realized the price was actually lower for the bundle than other places wanted just for the camera. Totaled together after the rebate it comes to just 89.99, and they even throw in free shipping. If you buy either the digital camera or the photo printer separate, you will pay more for it alone. The deal is found here at the time of writing. Yes, I know it is remanufactured, but I have never had a problem with remanufactured electronics. That is the best deal for a bundle of electronics that I have ever come across. I have also bought a home theater bundle and computer bundle. I saved money, but they were not as good of a deal as this.

Buying electronics bundles can be a great way to save money and get a good value for a group of similar items. Research the products before you buy an electronics bundle and see if the deal is really worth it. I have seen bundles where you pay the exact same amount as if you buy the items separate and one where the price was actually higher. Usually this is not the case, and you really can get a better value for your dollar. So next time you are in the market for electronics or any other goods, do some research on what bundles are available for the product.

By Justin - I am a current college student at the University of South Florida majoring in accounting. Upon Graduation of high school, I worked full time at an automotive dealership as a technician. After a year of that...