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Digital Video, Digital Audio, GPS And VHF For Sea Kayakers: Waterproof Boxes

Digital Camera Gps The well-known Pelican brand of photographers and videographers waterproof, crush and shock-resistant transport boxes, made of stainless steel and aluminum, are overkill for sea kayaking, kayak fishing and backpacking. Anyone who enjoys sea kayaking, kayak fishing and backpacking, and needs to bring along camera, gps, etc. needs to be concerned not only with waterproofness but weight, size, bulk and cost.

If you want to bring along a digital video camera or digital camera next time you go sea kayaking, kayak fishing or backpacking, a good alternative are plastic Lock & Lock boxes far less expensive yet watertight, and made of durable high impact plastic. Manufactured originally for home use for storing food, they are an excellent, inexpensive choice for protecting your digital cameras, GPS and batteries from moisture, rainfall or water damage due to capsize.

The inexpensive, well-made Lock and Lock boxes come in a variety of sizes and dimension from just large enough to accommodate a point and shoot digital video camera, mini tripod and spare set of batteries to deep and wide enough to hold a digital video recorder camera, extra digital videotapes and a half-dozen or so of the AAA and AA batteries sea kayakers need to need for a GPS's or VHF radio. Lock and Lock boxes are available in multipacks of up to a dozen for around $25, or roughly $1.50 to $3.00 per box.

The hinged boxes are waterproofed with sturdy, durable gaskets. Place your gear in the box, press the lid, snap the hasps and hinges together, and the box is sealed watertight, protecting from moisture and water damage the delicate electronic equipment you want for your day or week on the water or our in the woods.

The hasps and tabs, made of durable plastic, ensure that the gaskets are sealed tight and snug. You can bring along in your sea kayak, kayak fishing sit-on-top or backpack the gear you need to document your trip, navigate from point to point or record digital audio and digital video observations. The gear is protected from compression and impact damage, moisture and rain, capsizes or submersion.

You can safely bring along any number of the electronic gear and devices that have become ubiquitous, low-priced and high quality these days: digital video cameras like the Flip Ultra, a digital voice recorders, external microphones, digital camera, spare batteries, GPS unit, SD or compact flash memory cards, digital video tape, etc.

The advantages of Lock and Lock boxes, other than that they are watertight, crush-resistant and inexpensive, is that they provide protection almost on par with professional-grade camera and electronic boxes. Impact resistance and water tightness are crucial to digital electronic equipment. And for the outdoors enthusiast, so is low cost.

Lock and Lock boxes come in a variety of shapes and sizes, depths and widths. They're also transparent. With just a glance you know in which box you've stored what, which makes it to keeping track of the gear lengthy backpacking and sea kayaking trips require.

By Dave Williams - Outdoors writer Dave Williams lives in Arlington, Massachusetts.